July 2024: Versioned Releases, Beta UI, New Models

Versioned Releases

Starting this week, we will do a weekly release of ComfyUI every Friday. If you are using ComfyUI in production, it is recommended to stay on our versioned release. Generally speaking, features that have been in nightly for a week will be released. The standalone Windows build will be built for every release. The master branch will be the nightly release.

Releases will be semantically versioned. Starting with v0.0.1, here is the Github Release, and you can download the standalone build on the releases page.

Beta UI

pythongosssss added a Beta Menu that floats the the top or bottom. It also lets you load multiple workflows and tracks undo/redo per workflow.

You can enable it in the settings:


Stable Audio 1.0

ComfyUI now supports Stable Audio. You can generate audio files up to 47 seconds. Here is an example workflow.

SD3 ControlNet

The InstantX team released a few ControlNets for SD3 and they are supported in ComfyUI. You can try them out with this example workflow.


fal.ai in collaboration with Simo released an open source MMDiT text to image model yesterday called AuraFlow. It is now supported on ComfyUI.

Issue & PR review

Alex introduced a labeling system for issues and PRs in the ComfyUI repo.

Issues now have a template to help organize any issues or feature requests. If anyone is interested in contributing you can look for #good-first-issue or PRs that need testing.

Our whole team will be reviewing PRs and responding to issues on a regular basis going forward. The goal is to reduce the number of and increase the speed of responding to PRs and issues.

That's it for now! Thanks for reading.

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Jamie Larson